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Grief to Grace (G2G) is a Chicago based non-profit organization dedicated to helping families cope with the sudden loss of a loved one due to an unexpected tragedy.


 We are a mother, daughter team with a desire to bring hope and healing to families, creating a space of comfort, open conversation, self-help, relief and guidance on how to move forward when the overwhelming emotions arise.  


G2G was founded, in 2019, out of the heartache and pain of losing a husband, father, son, and a son-in-law, at the age of 27, leaving behind 3 toddlers and a baby on the way. This experience was traumatizing. It brought on many emotions of discouragement, isolation, loneliness and pain, with questions of, what should be done next? Where do I go from here? 


 After many nights of hopelessness and future uncertainties, with the help of family and friends, our tragedies were turned into triumphs. Inspired by this vision to empower others, we are dedicated to raising grief awareness, educating families, and connecting individuals with the right tools and resources to ensure that no one grieves alone.


Our Mission

To provide restoration, hope and long-term healing for families who have lost a loved one to tragedy through Educational programs, Resources, Grief Counseling, Therapeutic Rejuvenation by way of Creative Dance and College Scholarships


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Founded by 

W. Debbie Bridges &

Tahanna M. Tucker

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